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60 Social Media Post Ideas for When You're Fresh Out

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Ever jumped onto social to post and then sat staring at the screen instead?

Ever felt like your creativity took the last train out of town?

Got posting fatigue?

Then read on for some fresh tips, ideas and cheats to get you back in the posting lane.

People often think that social media is for telling folks about your business or products. Well, yes and no! It’s really about audience engagement. Social media allows you to create an emotional connection with your audience around your brand. That’s because the public needs a connection point that makes you identifiable and relatable.

Social media is like the emotional bridge connecting you with your target audience. The more connected the audience feels, the more likely they are to remember and engage with you. With so many companies in similar crowded online spaces, you need material that best represents you consistently. And when it comes to choosing a new business, product or online subscription, people tend to feel gravitate towards someone they are comfortable with versus an unfamiliar option.

Therefore, make your content down-to-earth and relatable. Then, post a minimum of 1-3 times per week so your audience/followers become accustomed to seeing you in their space. With audience connection as your main priority, keep the promo content low and the relatable content high. Focus on creating fun and interesting materials instead - and you may even find yourself having a good time along the way.

That said, I post between 25-30 times per week for different companies. I often get asked how I think up all those ideas. The truth is – I don’t. Some of my content is shares, retweets or shout outs to partnering brands. But even I have those times when I’m drawing a blank and coming up empty. So, I keep a cheat sheet of ideas right next to my PC. The cheat sheet acts like an electrical jolt to my creative juices and before I know it - fresh content is back on the menu.

Crystal Clear Essentials is one of the best examples of consistent, engaging, and fun social media content. I always look forward to seeing their posts because in a sea of similar content they find a way to stand apart from the crowd. Check out their Instagram page and see for yourself.

So, here are 60 of the ideas that help to keep my content funnel flowing. Have fun reading and trying them out the next time you find yourself stuck in a content rut! And feel free to comment with your own ideas or share some of the successful ones you’ve tried.

  1. Behind-the-scenes pics (people love seeing how it’s done)

  2. Instagram Reels sharing meaningful comments that serve your audience.

  3. Share a humorous post about your day.

  4. Post a photo of you enjoying your morning coffee. (Simple but relatable)

  5. Shout out someone else’s work in your space.

  6. Become a guest blogger on some else’s page and share it.

  7. Post about something that scared you starting out.

  8. Post a customer/audience testimonial about your business.

  9. A photo of you goofing off on the job. (Silly but relatable)

  10. A favorite quote that will inspire your audience.

  11. A 30-sec video about why you do what you do.

  12. A 15-sec video of you dancing around the office. (funnier if you can’t dance)

  13. High-five a happy customer and post it.

  14. Poll your followers about what content they’d like to see in a video.

  15. Go Live. Talk about what your audience said in the poll.

  16. Talk about what gets you out of bed in the morning.

  17. Share hacks for getting things done in your business.

  18. Show your team members having a good time on the job.

  19. Post pics of fun days away from work.

  20. Post funny things people have said about your business

  21. Share a mistake that taught you a valuable lesson.

  22. Always share upcoming events.

  23. Post a question and offer a giveaway to first 3 responders.

  24. Share throwback post from previous years.

  25. Interview a customer or business partner in a 5-min video and post it.

  26. Share an important lesson you’ve learned in business.

  27. Share Do’s and Don’ts Tips about your industry.

  28. Offer a giveaway for signing up to your newsletter.

  29. Ask people how they found you.

  30. Post a “Motivational Monday” quote (cliched but impactful if applicable)

  31. Share one of your most embarrassing moments ever in business.

  32. Post “Tuesday Trivia” (something people may not know about you/company).

  33. Share useful statistics about why your business is beneficial.

  34. Post your most recent blog post (yes, you should be blogging).

  35. Repurpose content from 6 months ago/or more ( no one remembers).

  36. Create a 30-sec helpful “How To” video.

  37. Share how you started in the business.

  38. Share a mistake that taught you a valuable lesson.

  39. Host an AMA (Ask me anything). Followers ask you questions.

  40. Answer the AMA season on a 5-10 minute video.

  41. Thank your followers and tell them what they mean to you.

  42. Share seasonal holiday posts.

  43. Ask a trivia question with a giveaway reward.

  44. Answer your previous trivia question and thank the participants.

  45. Share your favorite apps for productive work.

  46. Share a big obstacle you overcame.

  47. Share your time management hacks (everyone wants to save time).

  48. Share a photo and ask people to name it.

  49. Post a photo of you holding your pet (people love animals).

  50. Create a meme that captures your daily.

  51. Share your favorite vacation spot and ask followers to share theirs and why.

  52. Share baby photos of your team (so cute).

  53. Share a photo of you and a loved one.

  54. Ask people to share your content.

  55. Share hacks for staying motivated in down times

  56. Share your workout routine.

  57. Share a “Life in the day Of” video.

  58. Share/retweet content from a competitor's page.

  59. Share a milestone moment in your business.

  60. Share website updates offering new/different products/services.

Enjoy trying out some of these ideas to see how they work for your business or brand!


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