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7 Simple Strategies for Streamlining Content

Updated: Jun 4

Valuable content creation is one of the keys that turns the wheels of your business but keeping up with it is…let’s say - overwhelming, especially if you’re juggling multiple roles.

Have no fear - I’ve got you! Here are a few savvy strategies you can use to help you streamline your content creation process so that your business continues to thrive. Here we go!

1. Plan Ahead with a Content Calendar

Trust me, a content calendar is your BEST friend. By mapping out your content for a month (or more), you can save time and reduce the stress of last-minute planning. Use tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, or even Google Sheets to plan your posts, videos, blogs, and newsletters. Having a clear roadmap will help you stay consistent and ensure you stay on top of things.

2. Batch Create Your Content

Batching is a serious game-changer. No more creating content on the fly. Instead, set aside dedicated time blocks to focus on producing multiple pieces. This approach enhances productivity with a continuous creative flow.

  • Write a month’s worth of blog posts. (Select your photos)

  • Batch record your videos.

  • Write captions for the videos

  • Write video scripts

  • Map out ads and narratives.

3. Repurpose Your Content

Maximize your efforts by repurposing content. A podcast can become a blog post that can be turned into several social media posts, an infographic, or a short video. This not only saves time but also ensures that your message reaches a broader audience in different formats. It is like giving your content multiple lives.

4. Leverage the Power of AI

Contrary to popular opinion, AI does not replace creativity and content creation. Instead, think of it as a virtual assistant to help you generate and develop content ideas. You can use tools like ChatGPT, Jasper, Jounce, Grammarly, and even Canva has many AI features now. These tools help you streamline your content creation process. Don’t forget to customize it with your unique brand voice.

5. Curate Content Instead of Always Creating

Remember, content is about adding value to your target audience, so every piece does not need to be original. Curating valuable content positions you as a thought leader by sharing articles, videos and infographics relevant to your niche that benefit your audience. 

6. Create Templates for Repeated Tasks

Templates are lifesavers for repeated tasks. Create templates for your blog posts, social media updates, email newsletters, and graphics. This ensures consistency and speeds up the creation process. Plus, having a library of templates means you’re never starting from scratch.

7. Outsource When Needed

There are times when it makes more sense to outsource some of your content creation to resources like FIVERR, or This is the time to focus on your strengths and outsource your weaknesses. Yes, let someone else handle your least favorite content and take a load off your mind.

Final Thoughts

Running a small business doesn’t mean you have to struggle with content creation. By planning ahead, batching tasks, repurposing content, utilizing tools, curating valuable information, outsourcing as needed, and using templates, you can streamline your workload and focus on what you do best—growing your business. 

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